About Me


Jill Suzanne Kornetsky is a Kabul-based Subject Matter Expert and Principal Consultant, committed to the long-term, multi-national, cross-sectoral and in-country efforts towards the de-escalation of conflict in, and sustainable development of, Afghanistan. Jill has spent over a decade learning, living and working in MENA and Central Asia. As an Afghan Generalist, she strives for excellence and impact across the various sectors, industries and projects vital to Afghanistan’s stabilization and future growth, whether that be through program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, anti-corruption assessment, department and ministry restructuring, or supporting and shaping a strong and ethical private sector.

Jill has contributed to academic publications on governance structures and licit incomes versus insurgent tax systems, been invited to lead local Model United Nations events and attend local industry conferences, advised both formally and informally on the restructuring of GIROA programs and departments, consulted both formally and informally on the strategic direction and business development of successful local enterprises and contract service providers, and developed a strong professional network of formal and traditional influencers and decisionmakers both in-country and on social media, particularly LinkedIn. She speaks passable Dari and lives in West Kabul.

Jill intends to remain in Afghanistan for the long haul, acting as a force for positive change, a role-model for best practices and innovative solutions, and driver of economic and social growth. Dedicated to lifelong learning and continual improvement, she continues to pursue coursework and certifications wherever possible, in particular those related to international law, climate change, gender, good governance, aid, public health, natural resources, agriculture, and other cross-cutting Afghan issues.

She is passionate about the environment, animal welfare, Farmer’s ‘preferential option for the poor,' science and technology for the greater good, green and circular economies, B-Corps principles, sustainable livelihoods, health as a human right, and religious and cultural pluralism. Jill shares her home in the capital with three rescue cats with a collective ten legs, and enjoys horseback riding, shooting, making mead, and traveling to unexpected places.

Committed To

Bridging the Integrity Gap in Afghanistan. 

Developing Concepts and Approaches. 

Advising Clients and Programs.